Rascal 16 Aquamarin



The main features include the unique frame with special lowered child geometry, unique Gates belt drive system, lightweight specific components and unique finish.
The premium Czech ultralight RASCAL bicycles were designed by the Cyklospecialit team in cooperation with professional bicycle designers and constructors. More than 5,000 children pass through Cyklospecialit stores every year - new cyclists, the experience with children's cycling and the background for the creation of the new prestigious RASCAL BIKES brand are really big and Rascal bikes with great ambitions are also heading for export markets.
By choosing the Rascal bike, you will support a fresh Czech brand and you will get a really premium product tuned for children in all aspects!
Premium bike for little cyclists where weight matters the most! Super light at 5.6 kg, belt drive for better safety and minimum maintenance, narrow aluminium fork and many more fine tuned technical details! Brushed aluminium tig welded butted brushed frame with semi transparent colouring gives the bikes an exceptional feel and look. Available with personalized name sticker on the saddle frame tube.
Wheels: 16“
Age: 3 - 6 years
Inner leg: 45 cm
Child minimum height: cca 100 cm
Frame: brushed aluminum AL6061
Fork: AL - 75 mm narrow
Crank: Rascal
Belt: Gates
Brakes: Tectro kid
Crank: belt drive
Sprocket: belt drive
Tyres: Kenda All Grip Light
Weight:  5,6 kg
Gears: 1


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